Could Pot Soon Be Legal In Virginia?

Attorney General Mark Herring and the Virginia Cannabis Caucus are holding a cannabis summit!
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Could Legalized Recreational Marijuana Be Coming To Virginia?

Virginians who support legalized recreational marijuana has jumped over the past two years to 61 percent! That's according to a poll conducted by the University of Mary Washington. Attorney General, Mark Herring also seems to be in favor. Virginians know we can do better. It’s time to move toward...
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It happened 8 Years Ago Today!

8 years ago today, an earthquake rattled Virginia and much of the east coast! There was a tone of damage in its path! Where were you 8 years ago today?
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It's Tax Free Weekend!

Tax free weekend starts today and through August 4th! What Items make the list? School supplies, clothing, and footwear Qualified school supplies - $20 or less per item Qualified clothing and footwear - $100 or less per item Hurricane and emergency preparedness products Portable generators - $1,000...
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DMV Issues A UVA National Championship License Plate!

The DMV is releasing a plate to honor UVA's NCAA Championship team! It costs $25.00 annually in addition to a registration fee.
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New Laws That Went Into Effect Today In Virginia!

Here is a look at a few of the new laws that will go into effect today! Hand-held cell phone use in work zones: Starting today, those caught using a hand-held cell phone in a work zone will face a mandatory $250 fee. Tommie’s Law: Named for Tommie, the pit bull who died after being tied to a fence...
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Your Dominion Energy Bill Might Be On The Rise!

Your bill could go up $18 a month by the year 2023!
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What Are the Most Fun States in America?

WalletHub recently determined 2019's most fun states based on nightlife and entertainment/recreation, with California coming in first, Florida coming in second, and New York coming in third. Virginia landed in 29th place (slightly offended, but not surprised). Where does your state rank? Thinking...
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Beginning July 1 VA Driver's Licenses Suspended Due To Unpaid Court Costs Will Be Reinstated

If your driver's liscense has been suspended due to unpaid court costs, you can expect a letter from the DMV this July about how to get your license reinstated. Gov. Ralph Northam announced Monday that beginning on July 1, any Virginian whose driver’s license has been suspended for failure to pay...
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This Video of People Trying to Pronounce Virginia Town Names is Hilarious

Sometimes, you look at the name of a town and just think, "there's no way that's real." This hilarious video shows people taking their best guesses at how to pronounce the weirdest town names in Virginia.
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