WATCH: Richmond Man Makes His Own Gym Out of Logs

One Richmond man found a way to pass the time and continue working on his fitness goals by making his own "gym" out of logs! The video has since gone viral!
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Dr. Anthony Fauci

There's a Petition to Have Dr. Anthony Fauci Named 'Sexiest Man Alive'

There's several thousand people that believe the nation's top infectious disease expert should be name People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive'!
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BP and Amoco Offering 50 Cents a Gallon Gas to Healthcare Workers, First Responders

BP and Amoco have announced that their gas stations will be offering gas for 50 cents a gallon to first responders and healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Ankle Monitor

Kentucky Is Putting Ankle Monitors on COVID-19 Patients Who Ignore Self Isolation Orders

Kentucky courts have ordered some coronavirus patients to wear ankle monitors after they refused to stay in self isolation.
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Joe Buck

Joe Buck Wants People To Stop Sending Him Sex Tapes to Call Play-By-Plays

Sportscaster Joe Buck is asking people to stop sending him sex tapes for him to make play-by-play calls on.
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Saint Motel

WATCH: Saint Motel Releases Acoustic Version of 'Van Horn'

Saint Motel releases an acoustic version of their hit 'Van Horn'.
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Ardent Craft Ales Has Opened a Food Bank for Restaurant Workers In Need

Ardent Craft Ales in Scott's Addition has opened a food bank to help restaurant workers in need.
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FL Sheriff Is Asking For Leads About the Disappearance of Don Lewis from 'Tiger King'

One Florida sheriff is asking for leads in the disappearance of Don Lewis after the popularity of Netflix's 'Tiger King' shed new light on it.
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Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Is Offering Free Virtual Workouts for the Next 6 Weeks

Chris Hemsworth is offering six weeks of free workouts on his health and wellness app Centr.
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The National

How To Help Concert Venue Staff During Coronavirus Closures

Here are a few links to funds that are in place to help the staff of Richmond's beloved concert venues.
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