High Schooler That Was Born in a Car Ends Up Graduating in a Car

A TN high school student who was born in a car is now graduating in a car thanks to COVID-19.
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Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2 Have Been Remastered For a Re-Release

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 have been remastered for a re-release this September!
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Gary Busey

"Gary Busey: Pet Judge" Will Be Coming to a Streaming Service Near You This Month

Gary Busey: Pet Judge will be hitting streaming platforms this month!
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Baby Yoda

General Mills Is Making a Baby Yoda Cereal That Will Hit Shelves This Summer!

General Mills will be releasing a Baby Yoda cereal this summer!
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Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Will Play Joe Exotic In a New 'Tiger King' Series

Nicolas Cage is set to play Joe Exotic in a new 'Tiger King' scripted series.
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Child playing guitar

8-Year-Old Writes Viral Song "I Wonder What's Inside Your Butthole"

An 8-Year-old from LA has written the ultimate pandemic song: "I Wonder What's Inside Your Butthole".
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Mark Hoppus Ranked Over 60 blink 182 Songs - Find Out Which One Came Out On Top

Mark Hoppus has ranked over 60 blink-182 songs to reveal which one is his favorite.
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Reno 911 Cast

A Reno 911 Reboot is Coming to Quibi on May 4th

A Reno 911 reboot is coming to the streaming service Quibi!
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LISTEN: Noel Gallagher Shares a Lost Oasis Demo

Noel Gallagher of Oasis found a lost demo for a song titled "Don't Stop..."
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Chipotle Has Revealed Their Guac Recipe So Now Guac Doesn't Have to Be Extra Ever Again

Chipotle has revealed their guac recipe so you can make it at home!
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