Justin Sullivan / Staff | Getty Images

You Can Have a 90s Sleepover at the Last Blockbuster

Time to head to Bend, Oregon for a lil trip down memory lane...

August 11, 2020

Close your eyes and imagine this: The year is 1999. It's Friday night and your best friend is going to spend the night at your house. Your parents take you to Blockbuster to finally rent Titanic. It's on two VHS tapes. Life is good.

Thanks to streaming services, your local Blockbuster has long since closed. BUT, there is one final Blockbuster hanging on in Bend, Oregon. (They even have their own merch line that goes towards keeping them open!) And thanks to AirBnB, you can have a 90s themed sleepover there!

There's 3 "quarantine pods" that can sleep four people. There's no bed, just a pull out couch and an air mattress. It also comes with your favorite sleepover snacks like Doritos and Butterfingers!

It's only available for 3 nights in September. Good luck!