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RVA TukTuk: The New Ride Service In The Fan You Need To Know About

I'm gonna have to try them out this weekend!

October 18, 2019

Getting around the Fan, Museum District, and Scott's Addition can be difficult and expensive sometimes.

Yesterday, a new ride service launched called RVA TukTuk!

RVA TukTuk is comprised of a fleet of golf carts (for lack of a better word) that travel around the Museum District, Fan, Scott's Addition and parts of Downtown. You cannot call the service to arrange a pick-up. Instead, if you are out and about and see an RVA TukTuk, you flag it down and for just $5 they'll take you to your destination (as long as it's within their service map).

Additionally, if you pay for 1 ride, they'll give you a hand stamp that will let you get on ANY RVA TukTuk during the same-day operating hours!

Check out their service map, hours, and opening weekend pick-up spots below! You can follow them on Facebook at RVATukTuk! I love this idea and can't wait to try them out!