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FL Sheriff Is Asking For Leads About the Disappearance of Don Lewis from 'Tiger King'

Was he murdered? Or is he living the sweet life in Costa Rica?

March 30, 2020

As we sit in quarantine one of the things that as brought this nation together is Netflix's 'Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness".

If you're not familiar with the show by now here's a brief summary: The show centers around Joe Exotic, an eccentric Oaklahoma man who garnered national attention on 2015 when he made a series of videos where he declared he was running for president and then later governor of Oaklahoma. He was the former owner of G.W. Zoo where he primarily raised (and sold) tigers. The show is an absolute trainwreck and Joe eventually ends up in prison after becoming invovled in a murder for hire plot. The target was Carole Baskin - a woman in Tampa who runs Big Cat Rescue and actively sought to see the closure of establishments like Joe Exotic's. 

What is also revealed in the series aside from the antics of Joe Exotic, is that Carole Baskin's husband Don Lewis went missing in August of 1997. In many videos on his YouTube channel, Joe would speculate that Carole killed him and either fed him to the big cats in her care or buried him under a septic tank. Wild accusations, I know. Carole has denied any involvement in Lewis's death and he was declared legally dead 5 years after his disappearance. 

However, many viewers of the show have walked away thinking she did it!

Because of the interest generated by the show, one Florida sheriff announced via Twitter that he is seeking leads in Don Lewis's missing persons case.

It's an interesting development but I get the feeling this will do more harm than good. There's lots of bored pranksters sitting at home that might use this as a good excuse to send in false leads and waste officers' time. But who knows? Maybe we'll all find out Don made it to Costa Rica after all.