Tony Hawk

Robin Marchant / Stringer | Getty Images

A FedEx Driver Helped a Young Fan and Tony Hawk Trade Skateboards via TikTok

Wholesome AF.

May 21, 2020

Here's an awesome story that further proves Tony Hawk is a national treasure and should be protected at all costs.

FedEx driver Mikail was driving along his route making deliveries when a young boy named Cooper flagged him down to ask him if he could help him mail a skateboard to Tony Hawk. Obviously Mikail didn't actually have Tony Hawk's address but he promised to help get the board to Tony Hawk. He made a TikTok video about the mission in the hopes that Tony Hawk would see it.

Fortunately, Tony Hawk has recently joined TikTok and he saw Mikail's video! He sent a response video and told Cooper he would be sending him a new board in return!

A throughly wholesome story in a time of turmoil.