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Cheetos Mac N Cheese is Headed to Store Shelves Soon!

And yes, there will be a Flamin' Hot variety!

August 6, 2020

I see a taste test in my future!

The Cheetos parent company Frito-Lay has announced a new line of Cheetos mac 'n cheese will be headed to Walmart soon! You'll be able to purchase the product in either a box or in an instant cup you can microwave (like Easy Mac).

As of right now, there will be three varities: Bold & Cheesy, Flamin' Hot, and Cheesy Jalapeno. 

Cheetos Mac 'N Cheese. ---- You aren't dreaming, this is a real thing, and it's glorious! These are on the Walmart website, so we know they'll be in store there pretty soon. They come in three flavors: Bold & Cheesy, Cheesy Jalapeño, and Flamin' Hot. Even better, they suggest several #CheetosMacHack ideas to crumble different Cheetos products over these super cheesy meals. UHHHHH - YUM! Which one are you trying first? --

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In a press release, Frito-Lay North America SVP and Chief Marketing Officer Rachel Ferdinando said, "We’re putting our orange-dusted fingerprints on an at-home staple at a time when home mealtime occasions are on the rise.”

Right now they're set to retail at 98 cents at Walmart beginning this Saturday. Frito-Lay says they hope to expand to other retailers sometime in 2021. Personally, I'm stoked for the Flamin' Hot and Cheesy Jalapeno varities. 

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