Jude Law Said 'Contagion' Consultants Warned Him Real-Life Pandemic Was 'Matter of When, Not If'

September 16, 2020

    Before there was the coronavirus pandemic, there was the movie “Contagion,” which imagined what would happen in a worldwide pandemic.

    Jude Law starred in the 2011 film and recently spoke out about it during a virtual interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

    He commented on how the film’s plot paralleled present-day events and even recalled on-set consultants warning him that a pandemic would one day be a reality.

    "On that film were the doctors and virologists advising us, extraordinary men, and they were all saying to us this is a matter of when, not if," Law said.

    "I remember leaving the whole experience thinking you touch yourself on your face 10,000 times a day, we don't wash our hands, it was all embedded in me. But it all slowly percolates away."

    He also found it strange that people were streaming the film amid the pandemic. The film saw a drastic rise in popularity in the weeks after COVID-19 intensified in America.

    "I found it a little odd that everyone went back to watch that in the middle of the real thing," Law said. "You just turn on the news, you don't need to watch it."

    He also revealed that he called “Contagion" director Steven Soderbergh's at the onset of the pandemic to tell him he was 10 years ahead of everyone.

    In April, Michael Shamberg, a producer on the film, told Insider that since wrapping the film he’s been more conscious of hand washing.

    "For years I've been washing my hands a lot more than I used to,” he explained.

    "I don't think anyone thought for a second that this was a Roland Emmerich disaster film or a movie where an asteroid hits the Earth, it was real," he said.

    "That was the power of it. So, yes, it was always in the front of our minds when we were making it, and then in the back of it after we made it. That, yeah, this could happen someday."

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